Foto: Tim Cadiente

A Perfect Circle slipper albumet Eat The Elephant, 20. april på BMG. Dette er bandets fjerde album, og det første siden eMOTIVe i 2004.

Det har vært flere år med forventninger og spekulasjoner rundt når A Perfect Circle skal slippe et nytt album. Når Maynard James Keenan og Billy Howerdel annonserte bandets høstturné i 2017, med slippet av singelen “The Doomed”, slo det ned som en bombe. Singelen “Disillusioned” ble sluppet ved nyttårsskifte. I dag er bandets tredje låt fra albumet:

Keenan sier: “Although I’m extremely excited to finally be completing this album after a 14-year hiatus, I’m actually more excited that its intentional release date is serving a greater purpose. The 20th of April is Carina Round’s birthday. She is a dear friend who is extremely difficult to shop for. Pressure off. Of course, I must also note that the potheads are gonna be thrilled that this album comes out on 4-20. May it serve as a glorious soundtrack to accompany all of the giggling and vexing sounds of nibbling and snacking. Fingers crossed, Cheech & Chong will be proud.”

Howerdel fortsetter: “Demos are these precious ideas that you love in their initial state, then you collaborate, invite other ideas, and watch them progress. That’s the dynamics and growth of a great record. I feel we’ve made a great record.”

Forhåndsbestilling av albumet, som forøvrig rommer 12 låter, er i gang nå. Albumet er co-produsert av Dave Sardy (Autolux, Slayer).
Eat The Elephant tracklist:

Eat The Elephant
The Contrarian
The Doomed
So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
By And Down The River
Get The Lead Out