Eivør is a Faroese singer-songwriter, vocalist and instrumentalist with a voice of rare beauty. Unsurprisingly enough, the meaning of her name is ‘treasure/gift’. She is a passionate artist, with a unique style and a wide range of influences from various music genres including pop, folk, jazz and even classical music. My first time seeing her was almost 10 years ago at a local festival in Sweden. It seems like time only made her better.

The stage was decorated like a cozy living room with a carpet and colored lights. She started with a song from her recent ‘Slør’ album: ‘Mjørkaflókar’. It is either her language or her unique vocal skills, from the first moment she started singing it felt like the entire venue turned into a boat floating on the ocean under the moonlight. The second song was a vocal oriented song, ‘Brotin’ from the same album. Afterwards she started talking with the audience and told the story of the upcoming song ‘Verð Mín’ [‘my world’ but also ‘be mine’ in Faroese]. A slow paced pop hit, and one of the best songs from the Slør album in my opinion. She closed the first part of the concert with a song from the same album, ‘Salt’, where she put her guitar down and played a drum instead. Magic.

Then we got ‘Bridges’ followed by ‘On my way to somewhere’. It really is incredible how she makes everything sound so soft and magical regardless of which language she sings. The sound of the words were like a summer breeze, and the magic of the lights transformed the experience into a journey to somewhere unknown, just like the song title suggested. ‘Trøllabundin’ [‘spellbinding’], was like a mirror of her music. She was playing the drum again, tribal sounds going in loop whilst murmuring in her native tongue. After playing ‘Boxes’, she switched to the ukulele for ‘Tides’, a lovely touching piece from the ‘Bridges’ album. During the song, when I looked at the audience for a moment, it was captivating to see so emotions. ’There is music in every situation you get yourself into’ as Eivor says, and she was proving this throughout the entire show.

After playing ‘True Love’ and ‘Í Tokuni’, the show finished, but she probably couldn’t resist the temptation of the more applause, so she got back on stage to play an amazing cover from Leonard Cohen, ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’. A touching masterpiece took concert to another level with her poignant vocal arrangements. The final song of the entire show was probably a conscious choice, ‘Falling free’, a song with strong vocals where she clearly shows her skills from the lowest note to the highest. It felt like she wanted to leave us all in a state of falling free.

It was a great pleasure to see her live, as she was very energized and playful, and yet funny with the stories she tells in between some of the songs. It’s hard to compare her music to anything else, as some say she could be ‘Bjørk of Faroe Islands’ or it could be a mixture Kate Bush of Lise Gerrard with Nordic folk influence. She definitely is an amazing talent.