Photo: Anne-Marie Forker

We returned to Slottsfjell, a festival right in the center of Tønsberg and very easy to access, for night 2. Slottsfjell has all the benefits of city life with plenty of nightlife and food but also 20 acres of beach. Our photographer, Anne-Marie Forker, was there to check out some of the music, and captured Sondre Justad, Zara Larsson and headliner Machine Gun Kelly.

Sondre Justad, from Henningsvær in Lofoten, dressed in a shiny green jumpsuit, embraced the crowd, literally. He started his set by singing the first song in the audience, then ran up to the stage. He frequently danced along a platform by the front row and hugged people and sang to them.

Swedish popstar Zara Larsson took to the stage in direct sun, which seemed to highlight her dancing skills even more. Surrounded by her squad of dancers, she entertained the screaming crowd at Baglerscenen who simply couldn't get enough.

American Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) started his headline set at the very top of a pyramid built at the back of the stage, at sunset. He delivered a mix of alternative rock and hip hop, and joked with the crowd. "Last time I was in Norway you assholes put me in jail! But it was totally worth it!" Judging by the happy faces I saw in the audience, Slottsfjell was "worth it" too.