Foto: Anne-Marie Forker @forkerfotos

Aurora's debut came in 2014. Ten years later, she has sold more than 1 million albums, has 12.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify and a total of over 10 billion streams. She has toured the world with her unique stage presence, captivating audiences, and the crowd at Slottsfjell was no exception, as they embraced their home grown star who sometimes seems like she comes from another universe.

The set was a good mix of songs from throughout Aurora's career, mixing folk with synthpop. Her latest album 'What Happened to the Heart', her fifth studio album, was released only a month ago. A track from this album, 'Starvation', was one of the highlights of the early evening, creating a club atmosphere and showcasing the power of both the lower and higher registers of Aurora's voice. The crowd jumped around and punched the air, just like the artist on the stage.

Another memorable moment was when the crowd sang all the lyrics to 'Runaway' unprompted, with many starting to dance in their ponchos in the rain. 'And I was dancing in the rain, I felt alive and I can't complain'. During the upbeat 'I Don't Need a Cure For Me', Aurora covered every inch of the stage, twirling around in her red dress holding a Pride flag, which received a roar from the crowd.

The set ended with 'Giving Into The Love' from the 2022 album 'The Gods We Can Touch'. By this time, the rain had stopped, as if by Aurora's touch.