Ny webside, og hele 15 nye artister! Det er egentlig bare å gi ordet til vår nye bookingsjef – for han sier det best selv, skriver Quart i pressemeldingen:

Hello All!

I’m Andy, the new Head of Booking for Quartfestivalen.
We're extremely pleased and proud to announce 15 new bands who'll play at this year's Quartfestival. This is just the beginning though -we've another 45 to book and we're working (almost!) around the clock to produce the best festival in Norway. They’re some of the best artists of their style in the world, and I’ve personally seen 80% of them live (some of them many times). This is only the beginning of the bookings, with music from all styles, from metal to pop, rock, hardcore, dance, hip-hop and some extreme Japanese noisecore thrown in for good measure.

Feast your ears on this...

The Enemy (UK)
- Q Magazine's new band of the year, XFM Radio's best band of the year, NME frontpage regulars...The Enemy are young, loud, and with an ear for a great indie-pop song.

Future Of The Left (UK)
- Without question the greatest band in the UK right now. Angry, funny and extremely loud. If you decide to murder someone, this is what to play on your iPod when you're on the way to their house.

Asobi Seksu (JP)
- One of New York’s greatest bands, Asobi Seksu are a mesmerising live proposition, with delicate Japanese vocals tethered to colossal walls of enveloping reverb that would wear Mogwai out.

Johnossi (SE)
- Straight-up, no-messin' rock and roll duo from Sweden. Everything the write sounds like a hit. And probably could be.

Cradle Of Filth (UK)
- The most successful British metal band since Iron Maiden. Their live show is almost as controversial as their merchandise.

I’m from Barcelona (SE)
- If you don't dance to this with a huge grin on your face, you're probably dead.

- At the age of 18, James Lavelle founded the hugely influential Mo'Wax label, and from that base created Unkle. Ten years later, with a six-piece band in tow, they're still relevant, still pushing

Kool Keith / Aka Dr. Actagon (US)
- Founder member of the legendary Ultramagnetic MCs. There is no other rapper like him alive today. If you know hip-hop, you know Kool Keith.

Real Ones (NO)
- New band of the day in the Guardian newspaper last week (UK), Real Ones' richly melodic sound nods to psychedelic West-Coast pop, country and folk.

Totalt Jävla Mörker (SE)
- Swedish Hardcore. Two vocalists. Total. Fucking. Darkness. If you like Sugababes, do not attend this show.

Cobblestone Jazz (CAN)
- The Canadians use old computers and analogue instruments to create some of the finest, improvisational tech-house around.

Yolz In The Sky (JP)
- A thunderous noise assault that could be called full-throttle agit-punk, blending jagged guitar, a frenetic rhythm section and yelping vocals that you'll either love or hate, sometimes with furious attacks of hardcore punk, sometimes with slowed-down dance grooves and metallic guitars.

John & Jehn (UK/FR)
- John & Jehn are an awesome, French, visually arresting, explosive, dueling, boy-girl set up. Influenced by the likes of The Velvet Underground and Gang of Four, this is beautiful ascendant, lustful alt-pop.

Three Trapped Tigers (UK)
- Beautiful, mathematical, avant-jazz-rock. This four-piece, instrumental act sound like Battles nailed to Radiohead then thrown down a flight of stairs.

The Megaphonic Thrift (NO)
- Coming out of Bergen, TMT throw up a Sonic Youth-esque wall of guitars. Bring your earplugs.

- Jeg er utrolig stolt over å ha fått ny web på plass, sier festivalsjef Daniel Nordgård. Siden ser akkurat ut slik som vi ønsket oss, og vi ønsker å ha en tett dialog med våre brukere. Siden skal bare fortsette å bli bedre og bedre. Det er spesielt gøy å kunne lansere de nye sidene med Quarthistoriens største artistslipp. Jeg er veldig fornøyd med den jobben våre bookinggutter har gjort.