Den Los Angeles-baserte singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/produsenten Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty, Karen Elson, Conor Oberst), er tilbake med sitt tredje solo album. Det vakre ambisiøse og “maksimalistiske” albumet 'Rare Birds' er ute 2. mars via Bella Union, og på albumet har han fått med seg Father John Misty, Lana Del Rey, Lucius, samt New Age-musikk legenden Laraaji på koringer. Idag deler han andre singel ut fra platen, "Loving You", med tilhørende video. På låta kan du høre Laraaji sine koringer.

Om låten sier Wilson:

"One day, one of my musical heroes Laraaji came into my studio to just experiment and record some music. I had the ditty 'Loving You' lying around, (it was a song I wrote from a feeling or inflection of a word I heard John Lennon emote in one of his songs) and I then put down a simple little drum machine beat along with the piano and vocal that you hear now. Laraaji then beautifully chanted over the song, one take ... then he played his cosmic zither, undulated gracefully with his ipad, and truly shaped the scope of the track. I then added a specific drum/cymbal treatment used throughout Rare Birds, my funky Crumar bass, Lana Del Rey, a few other things and boom that was the genesis of the new album Rare Birds, that song set the tone."

I april spiller han i Oslo og Stavanger.