Foto: Mikael Eriksson

I et nylig intervju med Oklahoma-radiokanalen Katt FM røper vokalist Tobias Forge, bedre kjent som Cardinal Copia i Ghost at ny musikk kan være på vei allerede i 2019. Ghosts nye album Prequelle, som ble sluppet i juni, ble møtt med universell ros for sin gjennomførte fusjon av pop-og hard rock med et middelalder-aktig preg som tar tematisk inspirasjon fra svartedøden.

«My intention is not to release just another EP of covers. There might be something else coming out next year, maybe, that might have been recorded already, that won’t be covers.”

Ghost har god erfaring med å tolke andre artisters låter. De har tidligere sluppet cover-EPene If you Have Ghost (2013) og Popestar (2016). I spesialutgaven av Prequelle følger det i tillegg med en eksklusiv 7” vinyl med de to coverene Pet Shop Boys’ It’s a Sin og Leonard Cohens Avalanche.

Han ekskluderer heller ikke muligheten for et nytt live-album en gang i fremtiden:
«If the production on the live front gets to the point where I want it to be, and if we happen to play two dates at a venue that caters to the full production and it’s somewhere geographically where there’s an audience who is very, very avid and very lively, I would love to record a film – a live, visual capture.»

Forge legger til:

“The problem is that you don’t wing that – you need to do it in a venue where you’re playing two nights in a row; it needs to be sold out; it needs to be huge; and it needs to be a very, very vivid crowd that’s fun to film and fun to look at. Sometimes, it kind of rules out certain cities. People can be super-passionate, but they can be very, very still. Certain countries just have a way to sort of appreciate things very “noddingly” – they’re nodding and they’re applauding and they have a drink in their hands, whereas if you go to Buenos Aires, they will fuckin’ trash the place, which is so much more fun to look at from a video point of view. Depending of those things, it’s definitely on my to-do list. I definitely want to do our statement sort of video capturing of our live show, but that requires a lot of stars to align, so we’ll see if that happens on this cycle or the next cycle.”

Selv om dette lover gode nyheter for Ghost-fans, har bandet hendene fulle akkurat nå. De reiser for tiden rundt i USA med turneen «A Pale Tour Named Death» i anledning Prequelle og tar turen til Oslo Spektrum 21. februar 2019.

Det er bare å smøre seg med tålmodighet og glede seg!