Foto: Piper Ferguson

Calexico slipper albumet «Seasonal Shift» fredag 4. desember via City Slang / Playground.

Albumet består av et knippe originallåter fra bandet, i tillegg til et utvalg coverlåter. Med seg har de også en rekke prominente gjester, inkludert Bombino, Gaby Moreno, Gisela Joao, Nick Urata (DeVotchKa) og Camilo Lara.

Hør første singel «Hear The Bells» her.

Selv om julen er sentral på dette albumet, kan man ikke helt kalle det et rent julealbum heller. Calexico-boss Joey Burns selv forklarer det best:

When writing songs for a seasonal album, I wanted to include some of the aspects of celebrations and traditions observed in Tucson around early November. This song is about holding time and space for memories. Dia de Los Muertos and The All Souls Procession are two events that have influenced Southern Arizona and remembering those who’ve passed away. But it could also be about giving memories importance, too. The story could be about two lovers or two family members.

It’s more of a seasonal album and like all seasons they are about change and how those changes in the world resonate inside of you. I never thought this would have gone the way that it did. We were aiming to record a 6 song EP and we kept going. I guess I never thought I would be on permanent hibernation mode either, but I’m super happy and extremely grateful.