Pål Waaktaar-Savoy (a-ha) og Zöe Aphrodite Gnecco gir ut albumet World Of Trouble 24. februar. Førstkommende fredag kommer den andre singelen fra det kommende albumet - «Tearful Girl». Musikknyheter.no byr på videopremiere og første lytt til låten allerede i dag.

Pål Waaktaar-Savoy og Zoë Aphrodite Gnecco, datter av Jimmy Gnecco, bor begge i New York. Jimmy Gnecco er Påls samarbeidspartner fra prosjektet Weatherwane.

Waaktaar & Zoe is the name of the new duo, where Pål Waaktaar-Savoys exquisite and timeless songwriting will be carried into a new era by a talented and totally fresh new singer called Zoë Aphrodite Gnecco. They get the balance right. All though she is a new face, Zoë is no stranger to music and studios, being the daughter of the American musician Jimmy Gnecco, Påls friend and collaborator from the project Weatherwane.

— After a-ha's farewell tour, people kept saying that I should try writing for other artists. And so I began thinking about songs. I needed someone to sing on the demos I started putting together, and I remember Jimmy had showed me a clip of Zoë belting it out in a club with a band. I thought she sounded amazing. I asked him if she would be interested in helping me out on some of the demos. She came in, and from the very first session I got serious goosebumps. Her ability to connect with the lyrics and the mood of song, and that rich midrange… The more sessions we did, the less I wanted to send these songs out for others to sing. She owned them, Pål says.

The songs of Waaktaar & Zoe is the sound of two people creating music for the sake of music, effortlessly making pop music of vintage character and quality. It may be a world of trouble, but it is still possible to find meaning and happiness through music.