The Pains of Being Pure at Heart ga tidligere i denne måneden ut sin fjerde plate, The Echo of Pleasure, og fra den nye platen har det nå kommet video til låten So True.

Om selve låten (ikke videoen) har frontmann og vokalist Kip Berman uttalt seg følgende på bandets facebookside:
So True is about two young friends, Ylva and Olga, who find different ways to resist the crippling oil wealth and conservative bourgeoise "niceness" of their native Norway, through direct, leftist political action and/or just getting fucked up a lot. But it's also ultimately from the perspective of how I am older, married with a daughter, and incapable of chaining myself to an oil rig or passing out in the park because I have things I need to do and people to care for. I could never be "so true" as all that.