Chelsea Wolfe slipper nytt album, The Birth of Violence, 13. september via Sargent House, og i dag har hun delt en ny låt fra albumet. "Deranged for Rock & Roll" har også fått en video, regissert av Gilbert Trejo, som finner sted i en liten ørkenby.

- Deranged for Rock & Roll' is my love song to music. Every time I ever tried to walk a different path, music always called me back home to it. It's in my blood; it's my one source of true peace. I love its chaos and its rough edges, and I love the way it can bring understanding and comfort. I belong to music, and it to me. I feel Gilbert's video illustrates that unnamed pull towards something so well. My character is destined to sing the same song over and over in this purgatory of a desert bar, while different people come through the town and begin to feel the pull as well, drawing them into this vortex to stay for good, sier Wolfe selv om låta og video.

Forsidefoto: John Crawford