Warhaus, bedre kjent som Maarten Devoldere, vokalist i belgiske Balthazar, slapp i fjor sitt debutalbum We Fucked A Flame Into Being (et direkte sitat fra Lady Chatterly's elsker av D.H. Lawrence).

I følge Warhaus handler Machinery om å miste kontroll, å være oppslukt av kjærlighet og overskudd.

Willy Vanderperre som har laget vidoen forteller til Dazed at den er et uttrykk for den sexy, sleazy og mørke tonen i sangen.

“The song – sexy, sleazy, dark, dictated the vibe and the atmosphere of the piece,” says Vanderperre. “We went for a location that we all have been to in our lives, a party we all were at. It could be a wedding or an office party. The night is over, smoke in the back of the room. This guy goes onstage to sing a song. He has had all night to find the courage to do so. Maybe tries to impress a girl. He sings and tries to be smooth, which makes him vulnerable and sexy. There is a certain discomfort in his moves. The song moves me, the opening lyrics are so genius: I don’t claim to be anything, except yours to consume tonight. Just simply sublime.”