Volbeat har annonsert sitt åttende studioalbum «Servant Of The Mind», som slippes 3. desember. Samtidig delte bandet den nye låten «Shotgun Blues» og turnedatoer i USA både som headliner, og co-headliner med Ghost. il

— I wrote the whole album in three months, forteller Poulsen
I was in a good place and mood while at home, and had a captive audience of myself… There are a lot of Volbeat signatures in it. If you go back to the first record and compare it to where we are now, you can hear how the band has developed its style, while keeping the signature sound.

Den nye låten heter «Shotgun Blues» og er inspirert av at Poulsen akkurat har flyttet inn i nytt hus.

— Every time you move into a house, you bring dead people with you, Weird stuff happens when I move into a [new] house… it's very otherworldly.


1. Temple of Ekur

2. Wait A Minute My Girl

3. The Sacred Stones

4. Shotgun Blues

5. The Devil Rages On

6. Say No More

7. Heaven’s Descent

8. Dagen Før (feat. Stine Bramsen)

9. The Passenger

10. Step Into Light

11. Becoming

12. Mindlock

13. Lasse’s Birgitta