Björk er ute med ny animasjonsvideo for 'Victimhood', regissert av Gabríela Friðriksdóttir og Pierre-Alain Giraud, som hadde premiere på hennes Cornucopia-forestilling på Altice Arena i Lisboa fredag kveld.

LES OGSÅ: Vår anmelder av Fossora

Videoen er en forlengelse av verden Björk skapte for albumet sitt 'Fossora'. Her får vi får tåkehornsklarinetter og lag på lag med vokalharmonier.

Björk forteller selv:

"I sort of have this illusion idea of myself as being this kind of optimist. But you have to be truthful. It’s trickier to catch the tail of the self-pity for an optimist. Sometimes it becomes the role of the women, in difficult situations to take on the catharsis and emotional work, and if there's some dark shadows or forces in a situation, we’ll convert it into sort of good energy, for other family members, so they don’t have to, we will take care of it. That’s a strange kind of victim hat too, you choose to do that, nobody asked you to. That's maybe where the humour comes in. It’s very interesting. I just love this painting so much. These characters are so magical, they just have such deep, deep meaning for me”.