Våre favoritt dansker i Iceage har signert avtale med plateselskapet Mexican Summer og har delt sin første singel på labelen. Den strålende nye låta, The Holding Hand, kommer med en video regissert av Anders Malmberg. Den følger opp singelen «Lockdown Blues» fra i fjor.

- The song lives in a slurred world, movements are elastically stretched out and strength is found in weakness while you find it hard to tell the difference between fume and matter,” Sier frontmann Elias Bender Rønnenfelt.

- Gently the swaying intensifies, feel it escalate. Reach out for the holding hand, it seems almost within scope now, fortsetter han.

- The band has such an amazing and soulful presence, and my aim was to create a cinematic experience around image reflections that would tie in closely to the narrative and the emotional atmosphere of the track, and let the authenticity that the band radiates feel ever present. Sier regissør Malmberg om videoen.